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College of Business Studies is a private higher education institution based in Rwanda. We focus on delivering a range of tuition, revision classes for professional accounting courses.

Since our establishment in 2009, we have built a strong track record and reputation for the quality of our tuition, for the dedication of our management and professional staff in serving the educational, skills and career development needs of our students and for our examination results.

Examination preparation is done through learning and mastering the relevant course materials through face-to-face classroom teaching.

Lectures are easy to follow as the lecture rooms are equipped with OHP Projectors and Public Address Systems.OHP Projectors – You easy see what the lecturer is working on from any part of the lecture room, with ability to scroll back on areas already covered. Forget about the chalk dust!

Public Address Systems – Lecturer can be clearly heard from any part of the classroom.

The course is divided into Tuition and Revision:

Tuition – coverage of syllabus content with exercises and tests Revision – intensive exam focused review after tuition and before exams

Success is made possible by benefiting from the following:

  • Qualified and experienced tutors

  • Using ACCA approved study material

  • Specially designed and/or selected noted by our tutors

  • Modern lecture room facilities (OHP Projectors, Audio systems)

  • Excellent administrative support
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